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Notable Zetas


Zetas excel in politics/law, education, science, entertainment, sports, business, and other endeavors



Violette Anderson - First Black to try a case before the U.S. Supreme Court

Dionne Warwick - international musical legend and singer

Sarah Vaughn - international jazz singer

Zora Neale Hurston - anthologist, modern writer, and folklorist

Jylla Foster - past National President and VP of marketing for IBM

Elizabeth Koontz - first black president of the NEA

Anita Turpeau Anderson - first woman on the debate team at Howard

Algenita Scott Davis - immediate past national president of the National Bar Association

Dr. Tonea Harris Stewart - Actress. Best known for her role as Aunt Etta in the TV show "In the Heat of the Night" and role in the motion picture "A Time To Kill".

Dr. Deborah Wolfe - former U.S. Education Chief, U.S. House of Representative cmte. on Education and Labor, and Chairperson of the New Jersey Board of Higher Education

Wendy Palmer - Forward for the WNBA's Seattle Storm

Syleena Johnson - Singer

Minnie Ripperton - singer . Sang 70’s soul classic "Loving You

Esther Rolle - Actress. TV series “Good Times” & motion picture “Rosewood”.

Sheryl Underwood – current National President and comedian. She also donates 5% of all her road earnings to ZFB

Hon. Yvonne Miller - Congresswoman. 5th District Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Norfolk (part) Member of Congress since 1988.

Versia Lindsay - First woman to graduate from the School of Sciences at Atlanta Univ.

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